Creating Beauty Through Love
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About the Artist

Patti Weiss

Creating special memories for a lifetime

Patti Weiss has always been an artist, utilizing many mediums as her creative canvas.  Her art would show up in decorations around the house, in the flower arrangements from her beautiful garden, and with creative place settings at every holiday table.  In 2007, Patti channeled her great artistic talent into jewelry design, and SHMILY Creations was born.  At first Patti decided to make anklets for the special women in her life.  At that time she declared that she had no interest in any other jewelry design.  But Pattiā€™s anklets were so exquisite that people begged her to make additional jewelry pieces.  When Patti sits down to design, she holds the jewelry wearer in her heart and the semi-precious stones fall gorgeously into place to create one-of-a-kind stunning pieces. 

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