Creating Beauty Through Love
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People who have received jewelry from Patti share their gratitude. Read what they have to say:

We are the biggest fans of SHMILY Creations. Every piece is uniquely stunning and a beautiful expression of Mom/Patti’s love.  We are proud to be collectors.  We wear a SHMILY Creations piece almost every day, and are often stopped by strangers to inquire about our gorgeous jewelry.  It has been a pleasure to witness Mom/Patti pouring her creative energy into each of her lovely SHMILY Creations. Who knew that love could be so fashionable?

 -Amber & Sharon

I LOVE wearing Patti's jewelry! I feel as though I am surrounded by love, by blessings, by warmth and by peace. I feel a deep motherly love and feel that my body and heart is being filled with jeweled love. The jewelry, and Patti, whose intention is deeply embedded in the jewelry, makes me feel loved and feminine and glamorous! I love Patti as a mother, human being, and as a loving designer!


Patti gave me a beautiful anklet for my 65th birthday and then
surprised me again for my 66th birthday and gave me a lovely blue necklace
and matching earings.  All three pieces of jewelry were made with  her
special love and the wonderful creativity that she puts into each piece of
jewelry, each bead she strings.  She puts so much of herself and imagination
into each and every piece.  These three pieces will always hold a special
place in my heart just as Patti does, I love her ever so much.

Patti shares many qualities with the jewelry she makes - both light up a room, make you feel special, and have a combination of grace and strength.  It has been wonderful having Patti in the family and able to share holidays and celebrations.  She is such a warm, caring, thoughtful and affectionate person - and that beauty shines thorough in the jewelry she makes.  The smile the pieces bring to the recipients are both due to the beauty of the piece - and the love with which it was made.              


My incredible necklace that Patti made for me fits me perfectly and looks stunning. It is my favorite piece of jewelry and I love that it came from her. I think that any piece she makes is a work of love and art. I think of her dearly every time I look at it.


Dear Patti, you are such an amazing bead artist.  I am honored to have now
three of your creations including of course the prize of all, the blue one
I have on in this picture.  You are a creative force and is combined with
a constant loving and giving energy.  I am so blessed to have you in my
world:) With Love,


To my dear friend, Patti,

I love the blue necklace and earrings that you made for me.  They were perfect for my dress for Amy and Ray’s wedding.  You are a special person; good at so many things….entertaining, making it look so easy, always ready to lend a helping hand for anyone and everyone.  Your send of humor is a one-of-a-kind…and I know because I’ve been there and seen that.  You are a wonderful wife and mother, as well as my best friend forever.

I wish you a very happy 62nd birthday, and I’m so glad that it’s you and not me…LOL!!!  I wish you all the happiness that you deserve, along with good health. 

With much love, Your friend, Bryna

Patti is one of the first people we met when we moved to Sunset Lane a few years ago. She was so warm and welcoming and seemed to have the energy of 100 people! I can hear her laugh all the way to my house and it always makes me smile. Last fall Patti showed me some jewelry she was making as a hobby, it was beautiful. She told me that she was making a bracelet for a friend with Breast Cancer. Several weeks later, I found out a good friend of mine was diagnosed with Beast Cancer. I told Patti. Within weeks she had made my friend and I beautiful matching (well, almost matching, Patti says no 2 pieces are every exactly the same!) bracelets as a symbol of love and support. When I gave the bracelet to my friend Elaine and showed her the matching one I would be wearing, we both cried and laughed and hugged and danced too! Patti's gift of caring touched us both very deeply. 

Patti also made the beautiful necklace for me just because! I showed her a new jacket I bought and immediately she said, do you have a necklace to wear with it? When I said no, she went to work searching all over for the perfect sizes, shapes and colors of beads. She designed and redesigned the necklace, brining it over several times to make sure it worked perfectly with my jacket. And, of course it is perfect and beautiful. 

Making jewelry for others is just one of the ways Patti gives of herself everyday, with joy and energy asking nothing in return. I feel blessed to call her my friend!


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